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Dwight Tharp and Aspergers

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Hey Superfolders! CheetoMcYee stepping in to let you guys (as well as maybe Tom) know a couple of new details based on recent studies and then I’ll show myself out.

With the widening of the Autism spectrum, the term Asperger’s is rendered irrelevant. Not only that, but it’s history dates back to Nazi, Germany and roughly translates to “Less Autistic,” which is,,you know, wrong, because autism is less so a condition and moreso a way that one thinks in general.

I wanted to let you all know this because alot of people headcanon Dwight as having Asperger’s and it might have even gotten to the point of becoming official, so I wanted to let you all know that that term is rendered pretty medically unacceptable.


Impressive post, CheetoMcYee!

You’re absolutely correct. The term is no longer one I like to use for myself. I now refer to myself as an “autistic adult” or “on the spectrum.”

As for Dwight, he’s never diagnosed in the series. I did that on purpose. But I’m sure he dislikes the term as well.

I’m wondering if my BIO on this site still says Aspergers…. I’ll have to ask Sam to fix that.

Thanks CheetoMcYee!!