Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

DREAMS Chapter 1

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This majestic creature is very rare, and it is strolling through its natural habitat. It is going to Subway to buy 20 footlongs, a bag of Doritos, and Mnt Dew.
It is planning to spray the Mnt Dew on Kellen, And Lance has gotten hired for 39 cents to scream out loud “It is not pee! It just LOOKS like pee!!!”. But Lance owes Dwight some $$$, so he gave him dat 39 cents so he can biggie size his kids meal, the kids meal toy was an MLG version of the one and only Wizurles!!!, (collect all 5 versions! Normal, Earth, Fire, Ice, and Elmer’s School glue!) This majestic creature ate the 20 footlongs and had a very tough time in the bathroom!!! then while washing his hooves, he spotted Kellen spilling water over his pants!!! Mr. Coolaid crashed through the walls and sed: FIGHT!!!
The creature slapped Kellen, but Kellen had some tricks up his sleeve! He pulled out a Roblox Admin tool! He typed ” ///GivePlayerKellen@Sward ” in the chat bar and the Roblox Admin Tool turned into the powerful Sward!!! A weapon forged by Wizurles himself!!! He swung the weapon at the beast!!!
After about 10 minutes of dramatic music, oh the horror! The blood! The gore! censor this! Do it for the children!!!

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