Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Doctor Who Origami

SuperFolder Tynuviel

I started to watch the new series (2005 and onwards) some time ago and now I like it a lot, so I’ve made some origami models based on it. Here’s a Dalek, the TARDIS and the Tenth Doctor (my favourite Doctor so far, although I’ve only seen Nine, Ten, Eleven and a bit of One). All origami (although the TARDIS’s lantern and the sonic screwdriver are taped on) and my design.

I cobbled this picture together out of three separate photos with the help of an image editing program and then added some doodles in the empty spots – another Dalek and the 11th Doctor.

I’m probably going to make Origami 11th and 9th one day. Or Cybermen or Sontarans or Weeping Angels. So stay tuned for more Doctor Who-rigami!