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infamous bounty hunter, carrying a personal grudge against Han Solo for a head injury he got while racing Han through a crystal canyon, this guy would be really dangerous in most situations. But not ALL situations. Dengar Roth winds up being killed by Mara Jade, who he is chasing for the bounty the empire set on her associate Talon Karrde’s head. Roth has some guy get Mara to tail him, then kills the guy and makes it look like he’s hiding from her. while she’s distracted with this guy, Roth sneaks up behind her and points his blaster muzzle at her back. Dengar then demands that she take him to Karrde’s base. this is a mistake, because Mara has no intentions of betraying her colluegue to the Bounty hunter. she distracts Dengar and makes a quick escape, killing him in the process. It seems at times like Dengar works closely with the bounty hunter assassin droid IG-88, but he is mainly a loner.

I’ve decided to devote a lot more time to folding bounty hunters, which I will post as a side project for my Thrawn Trilogy project. The two original Star Wars trilogy bounty hunters that i have left to fold are Zuckuss and Boush, who both show up for a few seconds and then are never seen again. Boush apparently shows up for maybe seven minutes, but he’s princess Leiah in disguise as any good Star Wars fan must know, hopefully having watched Return of the Jedi.