Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Daily Stookiness – XMAS DAY

Hey SFs… Short list today because Sam has the day off and I’m using a junky old computer and don’t want to destroy the post/site/internet….

BUT there’s some really impressive origami here so don’t miss any of it!

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

Hey SFs look what inflatable we got! It’s yoda! Anyway happy holidays everyone! Plus my stooky r4-p17

SuperFolder Master_9

The Legos today are the Razors Crest from The Mandalorian and a mystery tie (its a mystery because I can’t identify it). The plane is what we’ve all been waiting for… The Flying Yoda!!!!!!!!!

P.S. if you can identify the tie let me know in a separate post plz 😁.

SuperFolder Stingray

I’ve been trying to make Barriss Offee for, like, forever (okay, two weeks) and I finally realized, hey why not just make Pickletine and color it blue? So that’s what I did.

SuperFolder DarthZackB

In August 2013, we got twin Bombay kittens, both female. I named one Zacharinia and my brother named the other Alejandria, who has a patch of white on her chest. She also has white on her elbow. I repeat their meows every time I hear one. And they’re antisocial, too.

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Also He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Made. I’m also ewokman72, but I forgot my password, so now I’m kunemvu!

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Hi again SFs! Here’s a lot of origami things I have made over the past few weeks. I have Shah an Alama, my own version of Jar-Jar, Cad bane, and an improved Turkey. 10 instructions, please for Jar-Jar instructions.

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SuperFolder Linkid09

okay im starting an origami rebelion club. Write on your submit ORIGAMI REBELION with a picture of your puppet.I call mando and baby yoda.I have to refold them cuz idk where they are but i called them.

SuperFolder Master_9

I’m caught up!!! Today is the last day that I’m doing 2 Legos in one day, and they are a X-wing and a red storm trooper, I’m calling it a first order death trooper. Then we have the T-16 Skyhopper for our plane! It does not fly well, but if you through it under-hand it sort of works. See if you can guess who made it.

*Hint* There is a picture at the bottom…

SuperFolder Stingray

There was a picture of Darth Maul on the old site that had seven horns. Tom never posted instrux, but I spent two hours trying to make this and if you’ll go on the old site (origamiyoda.wordpress.com) the picture will be there. I didn’t decorate this because I already have a Darth Maul. No instructions, (I forgot), but you could check out Nick_the_Jedi’s instrux, they are really good. Ewok Origami 77, I am truly sorry that you have to endure that mindless drivel of a “learning” website. I am lucky I’ve never had to use it. I imagine it would be like IXL but worse. Since we probably live in totally different places, there is nothing I can do to directly help you, but try googling “petition to get rid of iready” and you might find something good.

SuperFolder Greedobro_9

I THink i-ready is nostrul times 100,000000 it is so nostrul so i agree with you ewok_origami77 i-ready/ fun time 2,0/ must be stopped or it will tourture us all. so must form OJLOAI-r(origami justice leage of anti i-ready) before it is to late to stop funtime 2.0. make origami d.c. puppets and coment fizzpop to join this is Greedobro_9 signing off by for now!!!!! p.s. i just love the origami that is under this

SuperFolder KitFisto4968

SF ewok_origami77, I do i-Ready as well, and I know it can be a little annoying. Also ewok_origami77, comment epic if you go to Sunridge middle school.

(Instructions for this custom made darth paper are coming soon)

SuperFolder OY_JASE

I know that we only have 4 sfs but we can still have an army so here you guys go 120 Stormtroopers to destroy any resistance scum lol I will command them as captain Pasma, and I rely like the idea of a monthly challenge and was thinking that each sf who joins could also submit one as well if you like this idea please say so in your next post

SuperFolder stookiestorm41408

I want to be part of your rebellion, ewok_origami77Q! My character will be Zeb Orrelious!