Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

DAILY STOOKINESS SHOWCASE – DEC. 6!! Includes important Public Safety Announcment!

HEY SFs! Welcome to the third Daily Stookiness Showcase! I know these are different, but I find them kind of exciting! Plus I am THRILLED about starting 2021 with a clean inbox! Imagine submitting origami and seeing it online in just a day or two. That’s how this was SUPPOSED to work!!!

In the meantime, SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL because there’s good stuff in here today! Plus this very important message from OY:

SuperFolder Boba55555

This is my own fold because I tweaked the first book’s Yoda and got a mega stooky outcome! 10 instrux pls for instructions. Now, let’s see what the star of this post has to say… (under first picture)

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

I choose Link from the legend of zelda games!
My picture is the cover for legend of zelda-gami! I made it on origami yoda EU…

SuperFolder Darthsharkfolder

Beats COVER YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than all Yodas. Even Van Jahnke or Fumiaki Kawahata Yoda!!! Enjoy!! PS: Fingers move to grab stuff!

SuperFolder TheMagicSquirrel

So I was going to make an origami Mon Mothma using similar folds to an origami Admiral Ackbar that I created recently, but then I figured out another way to fold Admiral Ackbar.

Personally I think it’s better but my brothers like the first one better. Which one is your favourite?

If you like the origami Admiral Ackbar that I just created (the one on the left) more then comment “EPIC!”. If you like the origami (well it’s al so kind of kirigami because I pasted some extra parts on for l decorations) Admiral Ackbar that I made last week (the one on the right) more then comment “FIZZPOP!”. But if you simply just like them both and you think that I’m an amazing artist then comment “Waffle-tastic!”.

P.S Which ever one is more popular might have their instructions posted. MIGHT

P.P.S On my first post I’m not sure if the picture went up so I uploaded it down below again

SuperFolder ChewyOrigami1219

Dont ask for instrux, im entering this for a club 🙂

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

I tried to make Tom’s Baby Yoda with pod a while ago, but it didn’t turn out well. So yesterday I used the NW base and made a more simple and easy baby yoda! I managed to fold Baby Yoda and his pod with half of a paper. It has no cuts. I edited the instrux color so you can read it easier. Sorry, I won’t be posting that much anymore because I have school.

SuperFolder SuperFolderfollywan

I thought that I should put some of my jedi and sith on here they are not my only sith and jedi put some I got most of the instructions form the books and youtube hope you like it.

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

I said that I would post my Ahsoka I made with Tom’s instrux or my 332 clone trooper, so here is both! You can make the 332 clone with my arc trooper instrux. I am going to post some instrux next, so be on the look out for that!

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

After a long long long long long time I finally made Luke skyfolder and I did it perfectly! Yay four STOOKYs for instrux hope you like him

SuperFolder O_Y_file

a good practice dummy for all those who hate jar jar binks


SuperFolder O_Y_file

SuperFolder Origandalf

I’m Back! Sorry for not posting, I had school. But here’s a LOTR unturkey!

SuperFolder Stingray

I am posting this because if you didn’t already know, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last Friday (posted 9/22). She was the second female Justice to serve on the Supreme Court and before that she argued a number of cases before the Supreme Court advocating women’s rights. She was nominated to the Court in 1993 by then-President Bill Clinton. May she rest in peace.

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

First up! I know this is not origami but I thought it was SO cool I needed to show you guys! BUt anyways. I picked out the wood sticks and got them shaved so they were thiner them grabbed black gloves and duct taped them to it! It is awesome!

SuperFolder rgold43

There are a bunch of origami Kirby’s on this website, and this is mine. It’s just my origami Porg design, but with some extra folds for the arms. Enjoy!

SuperFolder ewok_origami77

Hey guys! So I just had my 14th birthday a couple of days ago, but by the time this post makes it out, it will have been a long time ago. Anyway, I wanted to show you guys what I got, because I got some really awesome stuff.

So one of the things I got was a book called The Jedi Path, by Daniel Wallace. What I really like about it is how it’s like a book that you could actually find in the Star Wars universe. It’s a book that a bunch of different Jedi wrote, telling padawans all about what they are going to become and all of the rules and stuff like that.
What I like about it so far: I love how a bunch of different Jedi, including Dooku as a padawan, Thame Cerulian as a padawan, Qui-Gon as a padawan, Obi-Wan as a padawan, Yoda, Anakin as a padawan, Ahsoka as a padawan, Luke, and even Darth Sidious, have written comments in the book when it was in their possession. It adds a personal touch to the book which I love.
What I don’t like so far: I’m not really sure how I feel about the fact that when Darth Sidious had the book, he wrote comments in it instead of just destroying it. It seems a little unrealistic. But then again, he does everything for a reason, and everything came out the way he’d hoped until Rey finally killed him.

Anyway, I also got this really cool star wars lamp/nightlight thing that looks like a hologram when you turn it on. It has 3 different inserts, the Death Star, R2-D2, and the Millenium Falcon. I don’t know which is my favorite because I love all of them. It also has a remote and you can change the colors, which is awesome.
I got two Relient K CDs, and yes I still use CDs. I hope they come back big time like records did because they’re getting expensive and a little hard to find. Relient K is one of my favorite bands and I love almost all of their music.
I got an awesome Star Wars hat from Gamestop and I asked for The Force Unleashed video game, but my parents accidentally got the second one which I already have, but they are going to return it and get me the first one so I’m excited for that.
So that’s all of the stuff I got on my birthday, but I also went birthday shopping with my grandma which is where she takes me to spend $100 on whatever I want. Although we usually spend a little over a hundred dollars. Okay, a lot over a hundred dollars. I mostly got clothes, but I did get the Jumanji video game for my Nintendo Switch, and I also got an awesome Baby Yoda Hoodie that I cannot wait to wear. Oh, and I also bought some edible cookie dough because that’s just the best.
I hope you guys like it! Comment Fizzpop if you’ve read The Jedi Path or have the Vault Edition, which is awesome. I didn’t get it cause it’s really expensive, but the regular version is great too.
Also, I got the hoodie from Kohls, and they also have a bunch of other Star Wars clothes too, so if you ever want more, that’s a great place to go. J.C. Penny’s is good too.