Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


HEY SFs! The Stookiness is almost overwhelming when served up in a big helping like this! You SFs are AMAZING!

SuperFolder JamesPizza

This isn’t even half of what I’ve folded this week.

SuperFolder SuperFolderfollywan

This is my first post and I thought that Jabba was cool so here you go and i made it with tom’s video hope you like it

SuperFolder OYStookyMan87

It’s really stooky, init? I was folding a Luke, and somehow I ended up with a Origami Yoda!

SuperFolder BarriBeyond

From BOTW! Mipha: Far left. Urbosa: Far Right. Daruk: Middle left. Revali: Far Right.

SuperFolder O_mega_folder

I finaly did it it can be done with green and brown origami paper. I worked the folds out of me like a wild rancor oh and I have some advise get the build-a-bear baby yoda its so freakin cute and mandalorian season 2 is comeing out in october 30 do 15 instrux please and I will

SuperFolder Yodalovesbeans

I made a cover Yoda more based on the one on the cover than the real one. and I made a second one and covered in green clay beans (cuz that’s all I had) and wood glue and then rubbed it in dirt… Here is the finished product!

SuperFolder archer2020

This is my origami Yoda and don’t judge me because this is my first post and I’m starting a army that’s going to help the resistance defeat the first order.

SuperFolder Darthsharkfolder

Here are my STOOKY Mandalorians. STOOKY for first one and waffle-tastic for the second. Instrux please if instructions are good

SuperFolder AnakinStookyFolder

hey SF’s! it’s me again with a Jabba that looks totaly stooky and I got the instrux from the back of the suprize attack of jabba the pupett (P.S. save origami me!)

SuperFolder yodapez

My Ewok tribe!!!! With baby Ewok’s!

SuperFolder ChewyOrigami1219


SuperFolder SuperFolderfollywan

2nd post ever. the Wookiee was hard i made the cuts wrong but it works and Han was easy an is cool hope you like it. The Wookiee is hard to see.

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Last time I posted, I said I was going to post instrux for my Mandalorian, so here they are! I edited the photo so you can see it a little better. Sorry if you can’t read them. I am going to show you my 332ed clone trooper or my Ahsoka(Tom’s instrux) next.

SuperFolder yodapez

Say Stooky if you like it!

SuperFolder Jedibantha433

This is one of Emperor Palpatine’s guards from Retun Of The Jedi.