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Origami Yoda

Daily Stookiness Showcase – Dec 14 – HALLOWEEN EDITION?

HEY SFs!!! As you SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL to see it all, you’ll see that a bunch of stuff here is Halloween related. That shows you that we’re about 1 1/2 months behind. That’s a lot better than the 2 1/2 months behind! We’re catching up!!!

Oh yeah… catching up also means possible spoilers! Like Stingray’s post about the Mandalorian. Don’t look too close if you haven’t been watching Season 2!

SuperFolder Stingray

I had the day off from school today because of parent teacher conferences so I got busy!!!!! (btw I am posting this Oct. 30) These are some folds from chapter 9 of The Mandalorian, I actually made A BUNCH more but these are my favorites. To be honest I was hoping for more real Mandalorians in chapter 9 (ok fine I was hoping Bo-Katan would be in there) but this one was still good. In case you can’t tell who any of these are, there is Mando and The Child, aka Baby Yoda, Peli Motto and her three pit droids, a Chris Alexander Bantha, Gore Karesh, the Twi’lek who was at the door to the wrestling match, the Mysterious Stranger at the very end of the chapter who may or may not be Boba Fett (but is played by Temuera Morrison, and his name made it into the part of the credits with the concept art so he must be important later on), and the sock puppet is the Krayt Dragon. Phew! That was a lot of typing.

P.S. I apologize if any of these characters don’t look like they do in the show, I literally had to press pause and look at the freeze frame of the character because for most of these guys there are not good images on the internet or even Wookieepedia entries. (angry tears)

SuperFolder HoboBobaFett

This is the best star wars character (in my opion)
Who’s yours

SuperFolder yoda_catz_maker16

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to get started! I actually just read the first two books yesterday, and I started the 3rd one today. I really liked them, and my brother’s crazy about them, so I thought I might give this thing a try(btw, he’s really good at origami, you should check him out. His username is darth_vader5000). I’m not nearly as good at origami as he is, but I thought you might like this cat I made out of a 5-fold origami Yoda. It’s black, too, so perfect for Haloween!

SuperFolder Samakin_skyehler

hi! I just got back into origami… but I have a lot of classes. I have also gotten back into scratch (thanks 4 introducing it to me Tom!) and I am back with all kinds of puppets, from origami to ventriloquist dummies…. but it will still be samakin_skyehler through and through. also….. HAPPY AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! scratch.mit.edu/users/overthegardenwall3/
my scratch accounts


SuperFolder OrigamiHarryPotter

My sister and I carved pumpkins last week. This one’s mine. I got the idea from a YouTube video.

SuperFolder XtraspicyCHKN

Hi folks, i used @doctorwhoisthat’s instrux. Sorry it’s pink!

SuperFolder jedi_wise_force_user

1.0 sonic 30 intrux plzs for

SuperFolder Stingray

Okay first off the strange thing. I was rereading Emperor Pickletine, and I wondered why Dwight marked the date in the last chapter (sorry if I’m spoiling anything) “stardate 387”. Well I looked it up and turns out it’s a Star Trek reference. Stardates are what they use in the Star Trek universe to mark time. (sort of like how we use BBY and ABY) I found a stardate converter online and the date Dwight marked was the year 2361. Is this just a random date that Tom put in there? Or is Dwight from the future…….

If anyone has stayed with me for this whole post the book of the week this week is called Funny Girl and it is an anthology written by funny female authors. Cece Bell is in there, among others. This book is SO. FUNNY. I recommend it even if you are not a girl.

Lastly, I folded an awesome cover ART2-D2 and made a C-3PO to go with it. The instructions for ART2 are on my YouTube channel, just search Stingray’s Star Wars stuff and the video should pop up. IMPORTANT: You have to search the exact words or else you will get a bunch of videos not by me for folding origami stingrays. Oh yeah, and please subscribe!!!!!

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in soooooo long. I promised these instrux, so here they are! Also these are 3 Mandalorians I made. I showed all of them already, but I couldn’t find any other Mandos that I made. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had the time to post. I will start to post more often now. Coming next: Improved Kit Fisto and Ahsoka!

SuperFolder kitfisto212

by me and my interpretation of kellen.

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

To celebrate Mando season 2 I am reposting My Mandalorion!

SuperFolder FortuneWookie136912

Me & CawCaw made it when I went to visit & I looked at instructions & I hope you like it.

SuperFolder murkyk

I have a new website! Its gonna have A LOT of stuff. Its still in its ‘Alpha’ phase, but it works! And, Tom? Can you put in the blogroll? Here’s the link: sf_murkyk.trinket.io/sites/origami-yoda-fan-site

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

Improved Kit Fisto and Ahsoka designs! These are some of my best designs. Ahsoka is only 1 cut. Sorry I got a bit bad lighting on Kit Fisto instrux.

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

Hey Tom and Sam! I am sorry about having a second post today but I wanted to get my stuff in before the showcase. So Sorry! But anyways My costume is Drift from Fortnite and the Pumpkin is the Mandalorian symbol! thanks! -Origami_Master53

SuperFolder soapyisnostrul1909

I did not make all of these on my own. I had instrux. For the clones I got the instrux from sf emperor palpafold. For Anakin I got instrux from sf yodagetty. And for Foldy Wan I got instrux from oldben_kenobi. And last but not least I used Tom’s instrux for ahsoka.

SuperFolder DarthZackB

This recipe was invented by me. I dressed up as Michael Myers while cooking it on YouTube. The popcorn is coated with 3 tbsp butter combined with 3 cups of miniature marshmallows and topped with Reese’s Pieces and white chocolate chips. I ate this while watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on Disney Plus and “Halloween” (1978) on Ultra HD Blu-ray.

SuperFolder OY_JASE

So since I do not celebrate Halloween I thought that I would still make something. so I made an origami baby yoda dressed up as veronica the tape despiser wearing a baby yoda fan club hat and because I did not want to wreck the piece I edited in the words using a computer, and Mr. tom congratulations on your new graphic novel sincerely oy_jase

SuperFolder ewokoyodaoforce23

This is my Finn Storm Trooper. Don’t ask for instructions. The instructions are on Admiral Ackbar Productions YouTube channel. Hope you like it!

SuperFolder Stookinessboy

This is my stokiness fizz pop waffle