Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Daily Stookiness Showcase – Dec. 12

SFs!!! It’s still ROLLING so keep SCROLLING!!

*Note: we may have a few in today’s batch that were also in yesterday’s. Don’t panic, just KEEP SCROLLING to see all the new stuff!

SuperFolder DDog3

i’m new to this. what do you think?

SuperFolder dominosquad2020

The most arguing droids ever

SuperFolder Commanderrex501

I used toms instrux for ahsoka and i just drew jar-jars eyes on the point of her montrals i have not finished decorating him yet

SuperFolder ChewyOrigami1219

I chose a tusken raider because the rest were taken(I could have done my stooky bossk tho)…

SuperFolder Commanderrex501

This is my first post so i’m going to put my own yoda [i cant remember how to make him!!!!]

SuperFolder purpleyoda

Sfbatfold, I have an origami blue spirit/ prince Zuko for you to use in your book. Can I write a chapter as well?

SuperFolder Stookinessboy

I made this yoda up on my own. I didnt look it up or anything! One day I will show you how to fold it.

SuperFolder Stookinessboy

This general grievos you can find in R2 D2s book.

SuperFolder OrigamiYodaCatKitty

Cute fuzzy creature in Star Wars that lives on Endor
made with origami

SuperFolder A_Blue_Bear

These are custom puppets from the Aliens movie.

I have here 1 Xenomorph, Ripley, and a Power Loader. They both are bigger than normal finger size, and are at least 5 inch puppets. The Power Loader is a separate puppet, but other puppets (such as Ripley) can fit inside of the Loader to kick some alien butt! I have the Colonial Marines coming soon (Vasquez, Hudson, Bishop), and possibly Newt.

SuperFolder Craygami

There is one Imposter Among us…
This is my Among Us origami crewmate. If you wanted it to be an Imposter, I guess you could make a lightsaber but you make it look like a knife.

SuperFolder OrigamiYodaCatKitty

Origami Jabba

SuperFolder Commanderrex501

I think you should do a book for every character like a behind the scenes what each character does in between each book
From a new super folder,

The picture is sumo yoda

SuperFolder darth_vader_5000

these are my cover stars, I made the falling apart Jabba and tom, is the cover darth paper the prototype or the non prototype?

SuperFolder proyoda77

sorry guys but i’m going to stop doing origami so good luck -Proyoda77

SuperFolder Stookinessboy

Here are the insrux i said i will give you!!
Sorry is you can’t see the top but all you do is fold it up but not all the way!

SuperFolder origami_yoda_233

this is my first post I hope you like it

SuperFolder Shugabush

This yoda was made from 30×30 cm tissue foil.

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

I would like to join your council! Could I be Anakin? If I can’t be Anakin then I would be Cal Kestis.

SuperFolder Pugitheporg

I made 10 people for my collection.

SuperFolder origami_yoda_233

I made another one I think it’s better

SuperFolder Commanderrex501

I will be plo koon

SuperFolder Stookinessboy

Hey Tom! I just folded your deluxe
Yoda! It was easy. I even made it EXACTLY like the Yoda on the cover!

SuperFolder Jedibantha433

These is my instrux for book Luke Skyfolder.

SuperFolder Pugitheporg

Pugitheporgs collection of Yodas and gizmo

SuperFolder CommandgroOt

Instrux in Art2 D2 book, this is just doodles on front. This is my first post, tell me if you want more doodles or my custom obi wan instrux

SuperFolder Ewok12

Hope you injoy Folding twi’leks. may the force be with you!

SuperFolder yodapez

To join comment stooky and post your cover Yoda. And for fun here is a two headed dragon.

SuperFolder Danskywalker

It took a lot of tries to make it really good also just ignore the the tape I put on

SuperFolder Ewok12

The Origami I folded in the past five days. The day I am posting this is 21 October. May the folds be with you