Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Daily Stookiness Showcase – Dec. 10

Hey SFs! This is a crazy amount of origami! There are sites that don’t post this much new stuff in a year! But because you SFs are unstoppable we are posting it all in ONE DAY! So scroll on, Stooky*, scroll on!
*This is the rarer use of STOOKY as a noun meaning “dude of any gender.”

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

I always get these confused with the Praetorians from episode IX.

SuperFolder Captian_Bobafett1

I hope you like the Anakin post just have 10 comments for instrcutions and the boba fett will come next

SuperFolder O_Y_file

a personal favorite

SuperFolder Foldolorian_27

After seeing a post about it i have made a black lives matter rebellion. Comment “Stooky!” and title a post “BLM Rebellion if u want to join. I am Yoda, pick another character.

SuperFolder TacoCat24

this is an origami general greivious

SuperFolder soapyisnostrul1909

This is everything I have made.

SuperFolder STOOKY_MASTER101

I don’t really know how I did it but I do know that the head is in the art2-d2s guide to folding and doodling

SuperFolder DarthZackB

I designed this in a Digital Design & Printing Methods class and I got this custom-made mask.

SuperFolder purpleyoda

I finally made Kylo gami ren, for those still waiting for the last fold movie, sorry but it’s going to take awhile to finish.

SuperFolder SAMYODA826

I spent a long time perfecting this!

SuperFolder StookyTrooper

Hey guys, StookyTrooper here and here I have some Kirigami Among Us Characters. Even with the huge spike of popularity in Among Us with it Being the most streamed game on https://www.twitch.tv/
Nobody folded / cut any origami / kirigami yet! (as of oct. 5th) its probably because of the 2 – 4 week thing. Anyway, here are my kirigami Among Us characters! 5 instrux pleases for instrux

SuperFolder yodapez

Self explanatory.

SuperFolder hijaccer

My first post I guess unless you include my old ones from 2014

SuperFolder moose1

Yes I know his robes are green with flowers but thats the only kind of origmi paper I had at the moment. Like it or not that’s how it is. 5 instrutions please for instrux and five stookys for version with acctualy grey robe

SuperFolder Hippyyoda222

Believe it or not this is the first Darth Vader I made 😎

SuperFolder moose1

A very cute baby yoda and pod made froma green post-it note. It’s my own design.
Ps. 5 instrux plz for instrux

SuperFolder JamesCronin

This is a new yoda that I made.

SuperFolder PinkPKC10101

This is Neon tiger’s Easy Origami Yoda. He gets full credit.

SuperFolder Foldolorian_27

I used the instrux from the book


I make a lot of origami… so here it is! image 1: FLYING ORIGAMI. image 2: JUST ORIGAMI. image 3: FUNNY ORIGAMI. image 4: LIGHT SABER ORIGAMI. image 5: ME OUT OF ORIGAMI! image 6: SPORT ORIGAMI. image 7: YODA ORIGAMI. image 8: VIDEO GAME ORIGAMI. image 9: TAPE ORIGAMI. image 10: STAR WARS ORIGAMI. and the finale image is: MANDO ORIGAMI.