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Origami Yoda

Daily Stookiness – Dec 29!

Hey SFs! We’re getting closer and closer! The posts that are up today are only about one week old! This stuff is so fresh you can still smell the Sharpie!!! And we are closing in on having posts that are almost live! CRAZY!!!

But we can only do it if you SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL!!!!

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

I posted my Jek-14 and Gar Saxon a while ago, but they never got posted. So here they are! Also, I made a clone trooper helmet! Sorry I got bad lightning. I might make instrux for the helmet.

SuperFolder Linkid09

NO MORE OY BOOKS WHY.ON THE DAILY STOOKINESS NUMBER 17 OR 19 THERE WILL BE NO MORE BOOKS.I am now gonna try and make my fanmade version.if it succeds what will happen is that dwights children will find a dusty old OY and learn that it can talk. Then they find something more evil than funtime,mr howell,And emeror pickletine himself.They find……ORIGAMI DARTH REVAN.ENTER THE AGE OF THE FOLD REPUBLIC AND TRY TO ESCAPE WITH YOUR LIVES. I will post each chapter and at the end i will smash them together into the book.WE WILL EXPLORE THE FOLD REPUBLIC AND BRING BALANCE TO THE FORCE. And you will meet 5 other memorable characters children. I will only reveal one for today



i present


SuperFolder master_chief

guys this is lego snow mando from fortnite. ps he has the snowball launcher.

SuperFolder moose1

So I was going through all the origami Me and my friend made last summer and I found one of my own creations that I have never posted. So here is my Jawa with a Sandcrawler. 5 fizzpops for instux :p

SuperFolder azurepattycake

Such a great episode deserves great origami, so I added to my old Din Djarin and folded a new Grogu. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

SuperFolder TheGr8CheetohMcYee

Hello Superfolders! (I lost my account, I was “The Great Cheeto McYee” and Superfolder Guillermo gave me alot of slack for it)

So does anyone here like Percy Jackson? Magnus Chase, maybe? Or even The Kane Chronicles? I know I do, which is why I made the Riordan Origami Universe.

The Riordan Origami Universe is a series of stories about kids with origami finger puppets of greek mythological figures and Rick Riordans characters, as well.

My first drafts are available at https://superfoldercental.com and when Christmas rolls around (depending on when you see this) the actual universe would’ve already began!

P.S. The name I go by on the site is “SF Hades”

SuperFolder Linkid09

Here is chapter 1 of star wars the fold republic.Hope you like it


If its possible to edit it please dont.If anyone has ideas for chapter two post them and i will see if they fit the story.

Also i used the darth reven instrux by ThatsNoMoon
Thats no moon comment fizzpop if you dont want me to use those

SuperFolder coolvader2461

This is my first post it is a cool kirigami Darth Vader i used toms universal person fold and i modified it and made a helmet and added on some other pieces and then i colored it

SuperFolder StookyBountyBossk

82 figures, I think. And also not all of them are star wars characters

SuperFolder Master_9

Ahh, finally, something to fight over, its the… POWER GENERATORS!! You know, from empire strikes back. Well the only reason I recognized it was because I watched Empire Strikes Back yesterday. Oh, and we have the Galactica, which, by the way is my favorite.

SuperFolder Stingray

I was bored, so I folded 5 different Sabine Wrens! One for each different paint job.
Pic 1 is season 1
Pic 2 is season 2
And so on…..
These took me about 30 minutes EACH to make, so I really hope you guys like them. Instrux are on my YouTube channel, but they’re under the name Bo-Katan so don’t let that throw you off.

SuperFolder Cal_Kestis

I. Love. YOU! I have been watching your videos ever since I was 5, and I am 11 now! I have read “The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda” over 50 times! I adore what you do, and you have inspired my origami career! I remember your videos like I watch them every day! My favorite video of yours, was the origami stormtrooper! I have folded it over 20 times, and in 7 variations. Please go check out my Cal Kestis!
– Andrew(AKA Cal_Kestis)!

TOM SAYS: 50 times?????? That may be a record! Can anyone beat it? Well, it’s not a competition…. but it is nice to know you liked the book so much!!

SuperFolder master_chief

hey guys this is the 2nd to last post of raid showcase 🙁 ps this is the frost king pps i couldn’t get the image to work >:#

SuperFolder darthdude

heres blathers and tom nook

SuperFolder moose1

So for those of you who don’t know an advent calendar is basically a calendar but it counts down the days from December 1st to Christmas. Also every day you get a thing. Well, this year my grandparents got me a lego star wars advent calendar and it is TOTAL ROCKETS! So I thought I would show you some of the things I got so far.
Ps. My brother got a lego Harry Potter one.
PPS. My favorite thing is the x-wing because its wings open and close.
PPPs. Does anyone know what the last one is? comment fizzpop if you think is a power generator on Hoth. Waffle-tastic if-else.

SuperFolder coolvader2461

I Harvey’s Darth paper and modified it a little to make it my own

SuperFolder Master_9

Sorry about the background for the SNOW MAN GONK DROID!!!!!!! And the lost one is… the SkyShark! Oh, sorry this is late. Boy, I’m getting busy, oh, great, gotta go… hey, bro, don’t grab meeeeee……..!!