Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Daily Stookiness – Dec 28

SFs!!! We are still rolling with daily stookiness but here’s the crazy thing… we’re now up to posts that have been submitted DURING the Daily Stookiness run. People are submitting a LOT of origami!

But here’s a crazy idea… if you want to be part of our historic JAN. 1st FRESH Stookiness postings, you may want to wait and submit early  on Jan. 1. Just an idea….

Whatever you do, don’t wait to SCROLL DOWN AND SEE IT ALL because the hits just keep coming! Wow!

SuperFolder supersonic04

Foldalorian of my own design!

SuperFolder Eliplonk

Ok until January to May I am making a new season called THROWBACK THROW MAY sure it sounds dumb but I am gonna do it and you can too if you want and when it’s may I will flip a coin to see if it will be until June so you better get folding!!!

SuperFolder darthdude

This is my favorite piece of origami ever

SuperFolder master_chief

this is the second raid showcase you might recognize the first one from a earlier post. ps the new one is skull lord var gall. pps these two never stop fighting 🙄🙄 pickletinene would be proud.

SuperFolder moose1

yes SF ewok_origami77 I want to rebel against I-ready. I am only in fifth grade but I still have to do It and it is TOTALLY NOSTRIL. So can I be Luke when he is in his x-wing gear. (his helmet comes off)

SuperFolder ewok_origami77

Hey y’all! Here’s a good quote to keep in mind through these crazy times.

SuperFolder JasperFolds

This is my own design but i roughly based it of toms design. I had a custom cover yoda but i accidentally ripped it. (P.S his lightsaber is held in his feet its not just on the table.

SuperFolder DarthZackB

I built this on December 16, 2020, 9 days before Christmas. I used the same kit for the third time.

SuperFolder Master_9

I made it! in case your wondering i had a great time skiing, and then got Anakin’s podracer afterward!
The plane is the MISTAKE!! accidently made by Murky, while trying to make the Phoenix without instructions…

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

Here are 38 random origami pieces from my collection.

SuperFolder JasperFolds

I found how to make this when i was looking at a yoda i made a few years ago that i made wrong and i folded the top down and saw it looked like the princess so here are the instrux!

SuperFolder jesseCT_5597

i would like to be jesse response to Captian_Rex21’s

SuperFolder Master_9

Yesterday i made a new design of the instructions, i hope you liked this, because i sure did. Anyway i got a couple of pit droids and judging by all the ships i have, that’s good! And then…ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-Millennium Falcon! And a special bonus…

SuperFolder master_chief

hey everybody! this is a vote for my next piece of origami. stooky for barkus the shifter, fizzpop for fu shang. ps someone halp me post things:(

SuperFolder maul_maker_849

Stookie for dark side and waffletastic for light side. Witch ever one has more I will post instructions for a light side or dark side your choice. p.s. The figures are from starwars Monopoly.

SuperFolder Greedobro_9

hey guys it is me again one quick question before we start this meeting you guys need to submit your posts soon before slots are filled!!!! o k lets start the meeting but guess what suprise twist i will not be posting the next meeting ewok_origami77 will by

SuperFolder Master_9

Almost Christmas!! Ok. I’m running out of stuff to say. Shoot. well… i got a snow speeder, and a stealth plane by Mr. Howell, even though he insisted it was the BELL-X1. 🙄

SuperFolder darthshivious1234

I am joining as a red version of echo the helmet is a modified version of the one in r2’s book. his body is the universal puppet with some KIRIGAMI for the shoulder pads.

ps winter break just started so I will be posting A LOT

SuperFolder Da_gudguy

Hello SuperFolders, I am working on the Red Guy instrux. So for now i’m going to show you a Among us and Kirby origami I made. I might make instrux.

SuperFolder Stingray

I just watched the season finale for The Mandalorian, and WOW did it have everything. I have mixed emotions about [SPOILER], but everything else, though…. gotta tell you, I was half crying at the end when Mando [redacted for spoilers]! Anyways, here is Fennec Shand. If you are like me and watch the credits, you’ll probably be excited about “[SPOILER]”!!!!!!!!! Is it just me, or does that sound straight up stooooky?!?!?

SuperFolder CT_6116

I’m joining SF Captain_Rex21’s Origami Republic. I want to be CT – 5597, Jesse. I think he’s the best clone trooper. I even made his origami ARC trooper from Mandalore. And Captain_Rex21, I hope that this version of Jesse’s Helmet counts as a Republic Symbol. I apologize if it doesn’t.

SuperFolder Origandalf

That’s it. I’ll post origami again when I get more paper 😆

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

t it’s modeled after e.s.b. Boba

SuperFolder Master_9

Rudolph the red nosed tauntaun! Had a– wait tauntaun? Yep that’s what i got today! And its hilarious!! It also looks good… any way we are doing plan B today, because dad forgot to send me todays scan of the instructions. So instead of the *removed for spoiler reasons*, we have the Stilleto, and will do todays on the 21st!

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

I have 3 weeks off from school, so I have more time to post more! This is a green Mandalorian I made.

SuperFolder soapyisnostrul1909

First is everything I have made. Next are closeups. First are my stuff from the books. Next are my clones. I have Rex, Cody, and a plain clone caption. For instrux go to emperor palpafold. Next are my Jedi. Ashoka is Tom’s instrux, Anakin is TheJediPaperwad, Kit fisto is on the how to fold page, and last Obi-Wan is Oldben_kenobi. Next are Tom’s instrux that I have made. My Tie Fighters are from YouTube by Origami ninga or paper ninga. I Cannot rember. Last is my Grievous, Plo Koon, and lobot.(all custom). If I get 8 instrux please (even if it is in daily showcase) I will post instrux for lobot and Plo Koon.