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Daily Ewok 100

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! For the final daily Ewok, we have SuperFolder Ewok! He recently became a SF on OrigamiYoda.Com, and he is loving it! Of course, I can’t tell you his name since he keeps it secret, but his SF name is DailyEwok100!. DailyEwok100! is always folding origami. He folded everything from 5-Fold Yoda to the Kawahata Yoda masterpiece. But his favorite thing to fold is his own species. DailyEwok100 has created hundreds of origami Ewoks, along with other types of creatures of Endor. He has made stop-motion videos of real things with his Ewoks. He folds nonstop for a hour every day, posts one post of all of it, and then makes stop-motion with them. DailyEwok100! was not a amazing folder at first, struggling to create a 3-fold basic puppet, but he got better and better until there is no origami he can’t make. He also loves looking at other SF’s origami, leaving comments on them. He sometimes can’t decide which origami to post, since there is a limit of one per SuperFolder per day, but he decides in the end, and respects the limit. He found all kinds of new instrux, and he folded every single one. He almost never struggles.
He also always wears his sunglasses.

[I can’t believe this is happening, the daily Ewok is over. But me and SF SOG have another series coming soon…]