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Origami Yoda

Copycat Darth Paper – EASY

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I figured out how to make Darth Paper like Harvey’s but easier! AND IT HAS Anakin’s face! I hope you enjoy it! This uses 1/4 sheet of paper.

Quick Notes: You WILL need to use tape in the back. Sorry but I couldn’t have done it any differently. Also the way that the

I modified the second fold and then did the rest differently. This one has Anakin’s face, Vader’s belt, legs, a lightsaber spot, and can be used as a puppet. (with tape used as needed.)

See the pictures for instrux! I converted my PDFs to JPGs after I made a google doc and converted my Doc to a PDF. This post took me 1 hour to make with all the typing and converting and downloading and picture-taking and uploading! Hope you enjoy my *phew* hard work! {^_^}/