Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Chapter 4

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The battle
By nick

So it was Friday on fridays all we do is catch up on our home work really (we get ALOT) .I always finish mine by Tuesday .So when I got to school all I did was just read Star Wars books in the library (for how evil most the school is the librarian is actually very nice and we have a good selection of books) .After I finished reading Jedi Academy I was on my way to lunch when William got right in front of me he took out his origami pleat zuko he started throwing little origami pieces that looked like flames .Just when all hope seemed lost a bunch of blue paint spilled on him it was Ava!Owen threw a paper airplane that looked like appa I threw origami aang on the airplane and it threw to some of Owens foot ball friends .They shoved William down I ran off to lunch

Note from sf Batfold

This is the final chapter of case file one I will write case file two as soon as I can since I think I’ve posted all my origami avatar origami sculptures I’ll just post my origami Thanos