Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

BOOK THEORIES tiny spoilers from Episode 7

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I’ve recently re-read the Origami Yoda books, and I’ve been thinking… what if the books are gonna be a bit like the movies? Think about it! Yoda died, and Luke’s training was complete. That’s a bit like what happened with Tommy, Kellen, Sara, and the rest! I think Yoda’s gonna help Rey as a Force Ghost, but that’s just me. That may be why Dwight gave everybody Force Ghost Yoda! AND… after Episode Six, Luke went off and trained more Jedi! I, for one, can totally see everybody increasing the size of the Origami Rebellion! (Or is it the Origami Resistance now?) But to conclude all this… what if a member of the Origami Rebellion (or Resistance or whatever) made Kylo Ren and betrayed them?!?! Again, these are all my theories, so they probably aren’t true, but… you never know.

(PS: If this happens, I made a Kylo Ren for it, but I admit I just put it here because I have to have an image. I already made a post with him in it…)