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The Boba Fett variation of the Mandafoldian was way harder than I expected. It took me 2 days to make and ended up completely different from the Mandafoldian! The only thing that is the same is the way you fold the helmet. Don’t sweat if yours isn’t perfect — the fold was really hard for me, and even harder to draw instrux for! Note that the red line above the visor was taped on; I forgot to draw it!

The third pic is of a fold I made 2 years ago, and I used that fold as a template for Boba’s shoulder plate. Jango Fett — the only bounty hunter whose name rhymes with mango net — fold and instrux are coming soon. If you see one of these and you like it, plz comment.

Also, after I do Mango Net, who would you like me to fold? If you post a response to this question, make sure to include #plowindu in it so that I can find your post and make the fold. It is VERY important to do it exactly, because otherwise I might not be able to find it.