Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Big Bag of Stooky OrigaI

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Hey guys, just wanted to show off some origami I made a few months ago. I got caught up in this big movie-making thing I’m doing… Got some voice-actors and stuffs. I’m making an animated Gravity Falls-UnderTale crossover. I was the person who submitted the ask for Dip and Bill fighting with the light sabers. I can’t believe mine actually got drawn! Thanks, Tom!

So anyways, I’m not gonna go into a long explanation, if you want more details on the crossover, you can go to axolotlseason3fanproject.wordpress.com.

Probably gonna bring this bag to see Tom on April 8th. IT’S GONNA BE STOOKY!

(Also sorry for the lighting, don’t wanna turn on my lights right now.)

Planning to make origami Sans, Papyrus, Frisk and Asriel.