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So I have many things to say so this might take a while. First I have all of my Ahsoka’s in case you haven’t noticed my favorite character ever is Ahsoka she’s awesome! Please don’t ask for instructions because I did not make a lot of them up if you want to create them then look up Ahsoka instructions online then it will pull up many videos. Now for a Ahsoka haiku for the badge I did gungi now I also want to do an Ahsoka one so…

Hard hearted
Knows how to get out of trouble
Awesome … again

Now for the second chapter of The adventures of origami Ahsoka my book I am writing

The spy
By Carter

The next day a secretly met up with Dwight here’s the whole conversation

Carter: listen Dwight, I want to join the rebellion but I can’t risk it, is there a way I could do it in secret? oh and look!
Ahsoka: Master Yoda where are you?
Yoda: Ah Ahsoka there you are. Your thoughts on Carter what are they hrmmmm?
Ahsoka: maybe he should become a spy and tell Dwight what the teachers are planing.
Yoda: yes, he shall.
Carter: but what if I get caught, it would be awful!
Yoda: MUST!
Carter: But…
Yoda: MUST!
Carter: Fine!

So I guess I’m a spy now.

Harvey’s comment, who needs a spy when you have an army!

Tommy’s comment, we do…

Harvey’s second comment, it was a rhetorical question!

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