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Hey guys, my Origami Yoda-inspired site has been put up (and updated)! You can visit it at askyoda.weebly.com . It is very cool, it answers your questions like Yoda or gives you valuable advice anyway. There’s also a cool Yoda I made out of slashes, dashes, under-spaces, less than/greater than signs, question marks, and (one) l. I tried putting it in the comments, but instead we got a skinny, headless (I have no idea at all why it became headless) Yoda. I’ll try it again here, and hopefully, WM Sam will make sure it looks right. But if it doesn’t, you can still visit a colored one on the website, and ask Yoda a question before you leave! I’ll actually probably put a picture of the colored Yoda from the site, AND try to make a regular one.

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