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An Update on The Folds Awaken

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Hey, guys! I wanted to give you an update on production of The Folds Awaken. I know that I have made a ton of posts talking about it, but I can personally assure you,this is the last update I’m giving before something BIG happens. The next post will have a link to a trailer on Scratch (and it will be uploaded VERY soon). So now, I’ll answer some questions people might be having.

Q: Is it cancelled?
A: No it is not cancelled, but production has been slow. Like, REALLY slow… I have been very busy and just have not gotten the time to work on it.

Q: Anywhere else I can follow for updates?

A: Yes! You can follow me on Instagram, and my username is LoganArtandGames. You can also find me on scratch and my username is JustaGamerhi. On Scratch I am looking for people who might want to host a “Game Jam” where you have one hoir to create a whole game, start to finish. It won’t be a one time event, though 😀

I think that’s all! Here’s an (old) poster that Tom Angleberger himself said I should upload!

Thank you for the support everyone!