Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

almost year It has been hrmmmmmmmm

SuperFolder sum101

hello Tom and sf guys/girls It has almost been a year since my last submission but I have some questions for tom I want to know the answer to the question (please please mega rockets with a side of fries please answer them I’m begging ppppppplllllllleeeeeesssssseeeeeee)

1….. do you like Indiana Jones? (please do not skip this one)

2….. do you have any desire to write a new rocket and groot book because they are making a 3rd movie and it would be funny if it was like 3rd movie 3rd book.

3….. do you have the force?

4….. do you have like a finger puppet you carry along with you?

5….. will you ever return to New Jersey because I didn’t even know what O. Y. was at the time.

6….. did you know in D.C. and around there they were folding Yoda’s in 2009 I know because my cousin made one with his friends in 2009.

7….. This is not a question but MAY THE FORCE BE WITH EVERY SF AND YOU TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!