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First of all, please ignore the One Direction picture. I am on my old laptop, and I can’t post off of anything else, so just hang in there. Well you can enjoy it if you are a Directioner… *nods at Tom* we all know you like them better than Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber.
If you came in after the whole “OH NO THE TALKZONE IS NEVER COMING BACK WE ARE ALL GONNA DIEEEEE” era. then this post is for you. especially if you have no idea what I’m talking about, been having to comment by suggested phrases, and don’t know who me, Tyler, Zod,Chippy, John, Brace,Tanner, DV, Lou, Matt, MyrMyr, Robby, Hansel, Moochael (if you will) Pauseen, and OY30, then please continue reading.

Hello, young SuperFolder. You have come upon this site, the most popular site based on the bestseller, Origami Yoda. It’s run by Tom, the author, and Sam, the BBQ chip loving guy. This site is basically the home for all SFs, and made them want a blog. I’ll get to that later.
We came here pretty much everyday, chatted, commented and posted Stookiness. Due to unfortunate events caused by drama, we don’t have “our special privileges” anymore. Some of us got tired of the drama and left the habit of visiting everyday. And if you think that me, Jessenia, Superfolder of 2014, still comes here everyday, comments on every post, smiles all the while, then you are wrong. i’m quite unhappy without being to talk to my friends all the time, including Tom and Sam. Before all of this, we made blogs. So we still communicate , although it’s a bit harder.
So I’ve compiled a list of links to helpful SF’s blogs. If you have trouble with something here, don’t know how to post a pic, wonder the history of OY.com , or just want to chat, then here is your getaway. We may not respond right away, but I’m sure you’ll get your request quested.
I hope this works. This isn’t a promotion for our sites or anything. We want more SFs to join our origami community! Have more cool friends! Just a friendly favour done by me.
The reason I’m only putting these links down is because we are the most active SFs on WordPress. I hope this isn’t discrimination.
So, what are you waiting for??

(Me) Jessenia’s Blog: jesseniaorigami.wordpress.com

Brace_Face’s Blog:

DV’s Blog:

OY30’s Blog:

MyrMyr’s Blog:

John And Brace’s Blog:

Pauseen’s Blog:

Note for Tom. ( please hand the laptop to Tom, please Sam.)
Hey Tom, i was wondering if you can talk about this post in a future, real post, that will be futured on the front page? To help newer SFs? we SFs cant really talk and become friends with new sfs without the communication, so if this gets publically introduced, then new sfs can hang out with us over there, and have some SF friends. I would appreciate it if you did this. it’s worth a try 🙂 Thank you!!! Keep on being stooky 😀
please cut this part out of the post, too. its meant for tom to read, not the other sfs. cuz if this is inputed into the real thing, it looks unprofessional. okay byeeee