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Ahsoka Tanos and MPB characters part one

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I decided to post the Ahsokas on Scratch since here there is a delay of about one week. Here is the link:
So I did not make instrux. I won’t make them unless you actually WANT them. So if you still want instrux, comment “Instructions, please”. (I am referring to instrux of my version not Stingray’s)
Also here is the link to part one of all the characters that I have made with the MPB. Part two to come later. Link:

And the image is a conversation that I made up between me and Stingray (I’m Aqua, since that’s my nickname on Scratch) that I did for fun. Also wondering why it says “Chapter 1” and some other things about chapters? Can’t tell you unless Stingray agrees it’s ok. Also I wrote it in a Google Doc and took a screenshot (and cropped it) so the black line at the end is just the thingy that appears when you type.