Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

A jabba the PuppetHarvey Theory Sorry no pic only theory in description

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(This also has my own Rako Hardeen! I needed a picture to sumbit it, so I am submitting my Origami Rako harden, I previously posted this, check that out if you want! But Since I need a pic, I will just use that, so comment on the theory I have, or the origami! :D)

Okay Hello Superfolders! I, SFMichael Have a theory on Harvey/Jabba the puppet. Here is how to goes: Remember In jabba how kellen saw Rhondella and John Oxley together? Remember how Harvey said, “Don’t worry, I’ve been in a situation like that before, it really, nostuls.” WELL I think I know who Harvey had that with!!! AND I HAVE EVIDENCE! I think, Harvey… LIKES SARA!!!!!! Now, you may think this is crazy, BUT IT IS TRUE!!! In Jabba I noticed harvey was being nice. Then I took a closer look, he was nicer on stuff that had to do with sara! Like “Don’t worry that could happen to anybody.” Also in the begining of the first book (origami yoda) Harvey was decent friends with tom, until yoda came. Why does Harvey hate Tommy You ask? Because he is in love with sara! He only dared Tommy to do that, because he likes her, and he wanted to prove Tommy can’t so he can. Also, Sometimes (notice that word “Sometimes”) Boys pick on girls because they like them. Harvey sometimes is nice and sweet to sara, or really mean! This proves that I know Harvey’s secret! Tom, Is this correct? Or is it just a coincidence? I really think this is true, so comment below to show your opinion!