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Dear Parent,

You are receiving this note because your child signed up to join the SuperFolder community on https://origamiyoda.com, the website for Tom Angleberger and his bestselling Origami Yoda books. Because your child is under the age of 13, it’s necessary that we have your permission to activate this account.

The Origami Yoda books are a popular middle-grade series written by Tom Angleberger and published by Abrams Books. The books have a proven knack for humorously exploring the intrigues, fads, and dramas of middle school; and each features a different Star Wars™ character folded into an origami finger puppet. Folding instructions can be found in the back of the books and on the website. May the Folds be with you!

By joining the SuperFolder community, your child can create a SuperFolder name, comment on the site, and submit photos of his/her Origami Yoda creations — click here to see examples of these amazing creations from the existing SuperFolder community:

To activate this account, please go to the parental permission form on OrigamiYoda.com and supply the requested information:


The following information is in your child’s account profile. (We also asked your child for his/her Date of Birth, but we will not store this information with your child’s user profile. We use this information solely for registration purposes.)

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If you do nothing, your child’s account will not be activated.

But we suggest you come take a look at the site before deciding either way:



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