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Origami Yoda

DOGOBooks Talkzone

You can talk about or ask anything you want on the NEW TalkZone, but we’ll also have changing themes. The current theme is:

If you’re new, tell us a little about yourself. (No last names or addresses.) If you’ve been around since the old TalkZone, tell us what you’ve been up to since then.
I’m Tom and I’m even though the OY series is over I’m still writing lots of books. I’m also practicing my juggling, mostly Kendama. My favorite book recently was: The Lumberjanes!

DOGOBooks TalkZone

Hey SuperFolders!
How do you like this? It’s a new way for us to talk. A little less rowdy than the Talkzone and hopefully a LOT faster than Talk to Tom has been!
To use it, you’ll need to go to the DOGOBOOKS website and sign up for an account there. (You may want to use your SuperFolder name and password to make it easy to remember…)
Then go to the DOGOBooks page for Art2D2.
I think the ART2D2 comment section would be a great place for us to talk about SuperFolder stuff. Any comments you make there will show up here, too. (Soon there should be a way for you to add comments directly from this page, but right now, you’ll need to go to DOGOBooks to join the discussion.)

Then you’ll be able to comment on any of my books … and lots of other books, too!
DOGOBooks will be monitoring all comments, so that we don’t have the problems we had in the old Talkzone!
This means that your comments won’t show up right away… so it won’t be a rapid-fire chat like we used to have, but maybe that’ll keep us all out of trouble!

I hope you really like it and I REALLY look forward to being able to talk to you guys again!