Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

HALFWAY THERE!!!!! Origami Pokedex is filling up fast!!!!!

Sam just posted a huge new update to the Pokedex!

We are at 77 out of 155… almost exactly halfway! The next submission will actually push us OVER the halfway mark!

A huge shoutout to JAYCE411 who just posted about 20 new ones to get us here! Including the awesome ZAPDOS up top! It’s a lot of work just to photograph and post 20 pieces of origami, so thank you JAYCE411 for doing all that!

I think we can ditch the sign-up sheet now. Just take a look at the POKEDEX and see what’s missing, then fold it and submit it. And feel free to fold a Pokemon that’s already in the Pokedex!


P.S. we still need that Caterpie to finish the first 10!