Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

2023 HALLOWEEN SHOWCASE!! Look at the size of this thing!!

SFs!!!!! You’ve done it! This is one of the biggest Halloween Showcase’s in YEARS!!!

There is so much to see here!!! Origami, drawings, pumpkins, costumes!!!

Before you start scrolling, let me remind everyone that it is NEVER TOO LATE to be a part of things. If you have more Halloween stuff you want to add, just SUBMIT it the normal way and Sam will post it to Stookiness ASAP!!!

Thanks to MaraOmega, Silas and BigCheetoHogger, whose submissions are part of the big banner up top!!!

OK, hang on to your seats and start scrolling….


SuperFolder DarthZackB

Here are James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski from “Monsters, Inc.”.


SuperFolder BB8RULES

This is an origami jack-o-lantern i folded that can be put on origami puppets heads like a hat. Stooky(or spooky right?)



SuperFolder StookyOrigamiSilas

I did some Halloween monsters. I made the ghost a Ewok, just for fun. It is also kirigami. The Vampire is also kirigami, for the fun on the head. The mummy is technically kirigami, since the head, body, and arms are all separate pieces. I drew the backgrounds on my IPad. I’m not sure if everyone understands what they are, so I’ll just say what: A dark, chilly, forest, with trees that have black leaves. A dark place, with eyes watching.


SuperFolder Jayce411

Ghost Yoda!!!

SuperFolder Jayce411


SuperFolder bigcheetohogger

Scary witch

SuperFolder CaptinThunderpants

Hey SFs! The origami you see in the picture is none other than one of the Scolari brothers. The Scolari brothers are two ghosts who appeared in the start of the movie “Ghostbusters 2”! I am hoping make the second brother and post him in the showcase too! Hope you like it!

SuperFolder CreaseAdiMundi

This is my geonosian army! I figured that the geonosian zombies (with those mind controlling worms from that clone wars episode) would be the most Halloween-y Star Wars thing. The tall one is Poggle the Lesser, and the rest are unnamed (for now!) They took a really long time to fold/color.

SuperFolder FoldTeam6

Hey SFs Foldteam6 here! This is my Halloween post. It’s a zombie coming out of the ground. I had a lot of ideas but I ended up deciding to this one. Also I tried Count Chocula. I’m surprised that Tom managed to make one, and it is total rockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SuperFolder Ah_Fold_Ka

Headless C-3PO

SuperFolder FoldTeam6

Here’s my Halloween showcase post number two!!!!!! It’s GhostFace from scream!!!

SuperFolder CantDecide

Hey Everybody! Sorry for not posting in a while, I’ve been really busy. Trying to fix that though, and hoping this one sort of makes up for it. So, without further ado, allow me to present my original character:

Professor I.M. Dead!

Oh, excuse me. I mean:

Professor I.M. Dead, Ph.D., Psy.D., and D.D.S.!

Phew. I wouldn’t want to offend the good professor by leaving out his credentials. He’s prone to giving out F’s.
Here’s some more information on him if you like…

-Died: June 15, 1937
-Rose: December 18, 1946
-Occupation: Professor of Sociology at the Dauthus School for the Unliving

Fun Facts: He secretly hates coffee, but drinks it so the other teachers will think he’s cooler. He also harbors feelings for the French instructor, Madam Amour la Morten and drives an old dilapidated Ford Thunderbird. His computer password is Br@inL0ver46. Don’t tell anyone.

Well, that’s all. Hope it was entertaining, and if you ever run into the professor, just make sure to compliment his sweater vest…

SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been working on a lot! Remember that Star Wars origami book that I got for my birthday? Well, I’ve been using it A LOT, and I’ve done over half the projects in the book in the last couple months 😅. The Jabba I have here is from it, and I thought he would be good to put in the Halloween showcase since he is a bit monstrous. The first picture is a jack-o-lantern I made from Chris Alexander’s YouTube channel, and I really like it! Can’t wait to see the Halloween showcase this year!

SuperFolder MaraOmega

I have completed my mask so here it is! It is made out of paper mache and it took me about two weeks to complete! If you have seen Avatar: the last airbender, send waffle~tastic! Also, have a stooky spooky halloween!

SuperFolder Memeboy555

I made a simple ghost and a storm-pumpkin for the Halloween submission thingy.

SuperFolder AYSman

so this is also for the halloween thingy
because sans is a skeleton so
also i apologize if my instructions are hard to understand
this is kind of a complicated design

SuperFolder DarthZackB

I chose to be Michael Myers this year and I watched “Halloween” (1978) on Halloween night.

SuperFolder Fish_legs


SuperFolder CaptinThunderpants

Hey SFs! This is my second and final Halloween showcase post: a TV! I know what you’re thinking “wait, how is a tv a Halloween post?” Well you’ll see if you look at the screen of the TV. It shows the horror movie character Ghostface from the 90’s horror film “Scream”! Hope you like it!

SuperFolder CreaseAdiMundi

This is the pumpkin I carved! If you remember FT-6321 from my comics, STORMTROOPERS, then you will definitely recognize the carving!

WOW!!!! That was some Halloween Showcase!! Incredible!

SFs, thank you so much for making awesome stuff for Halloween and ALL YEAR ROUND!!!


(And tomorrow, you can start drawing Star Wars HAND TURKEYS!!!)