Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The problem of “likes” …. and the lack of them.


I’m sure you’ve seen the SF who is thinking of quitting because of the number of likes (stookys, epics, etc) their posts get.

I understand that! I feel the same way about some things I post — including youtube videos –that don’t seem to get much attention.

But I also know what Origami Yoda would say:

“Do or do not… but do not do it for the likes.”

So many people online are posting stuff just for the likes. And a lot of them get those likes. But there’s something phony about it. Something pointless.

Post what YOU want and what makes YOU happy.

And if doesn’t get many likes, remember that no one is getting as many likes as they want. Even the viral video stars are wishing they had more.

Like counts aren’t much to be proud of, really. Especially somewhere like youtube or IG that is driven by algorithms.

Make something good and be proud of it. And share it with us, because I’ll enjoy it and other SFs will, too, even if they forget to tap the stooky button.

So… stick around, post good stuff, click stooky for the other SFs and remember the words of OY:

“Luminous being we are, not a like count!”