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Origami Yoda

Summer of Something #2: Rice Map

Welcome to week 2 of S.O.S.! Don’t do nothing… do something!!!

I’ll post challenges all summer long. Complete as many as you want to earn Something badges. They’re not much but they’re… better than nothing!

Once again, the Summer of Something is sponsored by…. THE TWO-HEADED CHICKEN!


SFs! This is one of this viral video things… but it actually works and is actually fun to do!

There are tons of videos about it, but all you really need to know is in the picture.

Put a little rice on some paper. (It doesn’t have to be graph paper.)

Trace it… slowly. Get the details. But don’t worry about bumping or moving the rice. It doesn’t matter.

Then when you remove the rice, you’ve got a blank map waiting to be filled in with whatever you want… it can be epic or silly, whatever you want.

I’m actually using this method to make a map for Two-Headed Chicken Book 3!


HOW TO SUBMIT: There are no strict rules and NO DEADLINE. You can even do more than one. When you’ve got it, just submit it to SAM the normal way, but put SOS 2023 in the title!