Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


Hey SFs!!!!


It’s so great to have so much activity on the site again! I wanted to tell newcomers AND remind old-timers about the rules. And I’ll add a few tips, too.

Don’t forget: Once you’ve had something posted on the site, you’re an OFFICIAL SuperFolder and can print out the OFFICIAL SuperFolder certifcate.

NUMBER ONE RULE: SEE all the Stookiness and leave a lot of comments.

NUMBER TWO RULE: POST a lot of Stookiness, so that other people have something to Rule One about!

NUMBER THREE RULE: No people’s faces in your photos!  And no private information in your posts either. Ex: “I go to Joe Smedlap Elementary School which is near my house on Smedlap Avenue in Smedlapsville. We never lock our door at night and keep bags of money under the sofa. Here’s a picture of me and the bags of money.”

Semi-official rules:

Don’t post memes unless they are 100% clean and about Star Wars, Origami, Two-Headed Chickens, How Great Webmaster Sam is, etc…

One post per SuperFolder per day. And don’t post the same thing several times. That causes confusion for Sam.

Don’t post empty or pointless posts. Also, don’t post to say you don’t have anything to post. MAKE SOMETHING and then post it!

Remember, we usually post 7 posts a day and currently it may take 4 or 5 days before yours gets posted. (It used to be MONTHS! Ug!)


Sideways pictures are always a problem. Even Sam and I run into the problem with our own photos sometimes. Often, vertical photos get flipped onto their side. If this is happening to you, try opening your photo in an online photo editor and making sure it’s rotated the right way.

To get a great photo of your origami, get a blank sheet of paper (colored paper if possible) and take it outside into the daylight, but into the SHADE. Move things around until your camera is not casting a shadow on your photo.

If you can’t get outside to take a photo, the blank sheet of paper will still help A LOT! You don’t want distracting stuff — like your unmade bed — distracting from the beauty of your origami!