Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

MMM: The Bracket!


Announcing the Maul’s March Madness 2023 Tournament Bracket!

(For a closer look at the bracket: click here.)

We begin with a SUDDEN DEATH PLAY-IN Tournament!

20 Teams with have to battle it out for 10 positions in the actual tournament.

As you can, see this has some INSANE match-ups starting off with out wildest match ever: BigCheetoHog’s BABY BOP vs. FoldTeam6’s Deadpool!!!

Many, many surprises to come. Stay tuned!!!

From there we begin the tournament with THRAWN’S 32!!! If you win there you go on to the SWEET SITH-TEEN, then the ELITE BB8, the FINAL FOURCE and then the ultimate duel in the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND!