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Origami Yoda

Return of the S.O.S. Badge Showcase!

SFs…. it’s been rough with our S.O.S. Badges getting interrupted like that!

But 9 of them are now posted on the HQ and that’s badge 9 up top. One more challenge is coming very soon… and this one is hand-made by me and should serve as a grand finale to our Summer of Something!

So, let’s take a look at the latest BADGE POSTS from you SFs! Everybody is on different weeks… but what they have in common is STOOKINESS!

P.S. If you haven’t done the leaf badge, take a tip from SuperStookyness12 and do a crayon rubbing of it! I forgot how cool those look!

SuperFolder Rex_501

This was a pretty cool badge, but it was hard to find the sticks:)

SuperFolder DarthZackB

The three colors I used were red, white and blue.

SuperFolder superstookyness12

To make it easier for submitting, I decide to submit all of them at once. ( Note: the numbers are the badge numbers not the picture numbers.)

#4: These are the Nose Dinosaurs I drew.
#5: My flexagon; the colors are green, blue, and purple.
#6: This is the crayon print of the leaf I found. It is a Oregon Maple
#7: My mobius strip ( I cut it in half like in the video).
#8: The sprout game I played with my little brother (he won).
#9: Here is the sonnet I wrote:

The Fish with Human Legs

There was a fish with human legs,
That liked to walk about.
He would go to eat some ham and eggs
And play competitive games of sprout.
But then one night his legs were gone
Yet he didn’t discover until it was too dawn.