Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

If Origami Yoda had been written by a computer…

SFs…. Here is a different take on Dwight’s story, created by OpenAI. the first part is the prompt I gave the computer and the rest is it’s story. The image was also created by AI!

write the first page of a mid-grade novel about a boy named Dwight who made an Origami Yoda finger puppet and took it to school.

Dwight had never been good at origami. But when his teacher assigned the class to make an origami Yoda finger puppet, he was determined to try his best. It took him a lot of trial and error, but eventually he managed to make a decent looking Yoda puppet. He was even kind of proud of it. But when he took it to school to show his friends, they just laughed at him. “What’s wrong with you, Dwight?” they said. “You can’t even make a simple origami Yoda.” Dwight was embarrassed, but he didn’t give up. He kept practicing, and eventually he got really good at origami. And his friends started asking him to make origami Yoda puppets for them. Dwight had never been good at anything, but he was determined to prove his friends wrong. And he did.