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SFs! The Summer of Something is up to Week 9!!!

If you SFs want a REAL challenge, try catching up with the SUMMER OF SOMETHING!

It kept on going while the site was down over on our other site: Twoheadedchicken.com.

The good news is that there never was a time limit. You can do them anytime you like — even mid-winter — and still earn your badges! There’s no rush!

ALL the challenges up to 9 are now available on the MERIT BADGE HQ page. (Also, 10 challenges from last summer!)

Here is #9:


Your challenge this week is to write a SONNET.

We won’t worry too much about syllables and rhythms and meter and all that, but you do need to get some rhymes in there!

A Shakespearean Sonnet rhymes like this: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

We’ll make a mini-sonnet that goes like this: ABAB CC

ABAB means the first line rhymes with the third line and the second line rhymes with the fourth. The CC means line 5 and 6 rhyme with each other.

Like this:


There was a show in 1980,

I saw a time or two.

It had blue men and a blue lady

And an evil wizard, too.

A song of LA LA LA they didst sing shrilly.

Hard to believe it was on TV, really.

Wow, that poem was so beautiful it made Smurfette weep with joy.

Give it a try! Suggested topics are: bad TV shows, good TV shows, Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Search, commercials, squirrels, Cheetos and/or The Two-Headed Chicken!

To earn your badge, write your mini-sonnet and SUBMIT it to Webmaster Sam with BADGE 9 and YOUR NAME in the title!