Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Summer of Something Week 2: May the Floors Be with You

SFs!!! Welcome to the second challenge of The Summer of Something!

This week’s challenge is to draw a Floorplan.

It’s fun to draw a Floorplan of where ever you are right now… but it’s even more fun to draw the Floorplan of a building from memory. Maybe your friend’s house or your school..

The example I drew above is of my first home. I have not been inside that house since I was about 6! And my memory was not quite perfect. But I think it’s fairly close.

You definitely want to start with pencil! A lot of the fun here is discovering how things fit together and sometimes finding out that they fit differently than you thought.

To earn your badge you’ll need to ink in your Floorplan and label stuff.

Then get a good clear photo and submit it to Sam like this:

Badge 2 SF Name

Make sure you don’t put you actual address on there!!! Privacy Matters!