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Summer of Something Challenge #3: Eye of the Dianoga!

Welcome to WEEK 3 of The Two-Headed Chicken’s Summer of Something!

There’s a new challenge every week but you an do them ANY TIME and still earn the merit badge. There’s no deadline. You can even go back and earn last’s summers’ badges if you missed them.

This week, is a classic craft project — The Eye of the Dianoga! (That’s the Death Star trash compactor monster for you non-Star Wars fans…)

Some people call these God’s Eyes, some people call them Mandalas. Call them whatever you like, just make one!

The only things you really need for this are some yarn or string — even a few scraps may be enough — and two or three sticks. Some people use tape or glue to hold the sticks together, but I don’t think you need that. Really you can just go outside with some yarn, grab a few sticks and make one on the spot!

If you’ve never made one before, you may want to start with popsicle sticks and an instructional video… (Note in this video the sticks are pre-glued together. Again, this is totally unnecessary. No glue needed unless you are really having trouble holding the sticks.)

The official challenge, however, is to make one with one extra long stick, like in the photos…

This definitely adds a layer of difficulty! (The secret is to turn the long stick in your hand rather than trying to move the string around it.)

When you’re done, you stick this end into a flower pot or the ground and you’ve got THE EYE OF THE DIANOGA!

When you’re done, get a photo and submit it to Sam with the title:


Have fun!