Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Showcase of Something #2 — May the Floor Be With You!

SFs, welcome to the second showcase for the 2022 merit badge chase.

Before we see who gets badges today, let me remind you that there are no deadlines and it’s never too late to get started. You can even go back and do LAST SUMMER’s Merit Badges! Visit Merit Badge HQ for all the details…

Okay, let’s see who gets our newest badge and see if anyone has completed previous badges…

SuperFolder Rex_501

My house.

It kinda looks like Toms example, right?

REX501 also nailed a behind the back Spoon Flip to earn the first badge!

SuperFolder DarthZackB

I designed the main floor of the school I went to before high school from memory.

SuperFolder SFConnorLeary

Badge 2 of my friends house I know I forgot stuff but I have know idea where in the house it is!

SuperFolder origamiahsoka123

my gigi’s house

Plus a BONKERS Spoon Flip!

SuperFolder origamiahsoka123

I made my own advanced trick
Steps: (the bigger the room the harder
1: start at one end of the chosen room (make sure there is plenty of free space)
2: toss the spoon to the other side of the room
3: make a dash following the spoon
4: catch the spoon by the handle with the opposite hand.


Great job, SFs! Stay Tuned for Badge 3 and… look out for some bonus challenges I’ll be posting…