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New Year’s DAY Fold-A-Fett-A-Thon COMPLETE!

UPDATE: The Fold-A-Thon is OVER!!!

SFs folded Fetts to raise money for Doctor’s Without Borders, a group fighting Covid and other diseases around the globe!

We’re still counting Fetts and calculating the total amount. A donor is giving $1 for EZ Fetts and $5 for Fancy Fetts! We’re estimating a total around $500!

There was a last minute surge led by SuperStookyness12! Here are 2 of the total of 23 that they made!

UPDATE: Up at the top are 100 made by Rex501 and his family!

UPDATE: Captain Thunderpants made 10!

UPDATE: Porgfolder made 10!

UPDATE: OrigamiAhoska123 made 5!

UPDATE: DameronManTEN made this one! Upside down but still awesome:

UPDATE: BobaFold1212 made 15!

UPDATE: OrigamiMaster53 Sent in this Fett:

UPDATE: Here’s DarthZackB’s!

UPDATE: Here are a bunch by SuperStookyness12!

Here’s how it works…

For every FETT you fold, an anonymous donor is going to donate $1 up to $1,000. You don’t have to fold all 1,000 yourself! Your FETTS will be added to the ones made by other Superfolders.

And some of these fancier Fetts are going to be worth $5 each!

If you don’t know how to fold Fett, watch this video….

Then start folding! When you’re done, take a photo and SUBMIT IT with your SF name and the number of Fetts you folded in the TITLE! (MAKE SURE BOTH ARE IN THE TITLE PLEASE!)

This year, we’re giving you a little extra time. You have until NOON TODAY, Jan. 1, 2022. (Pacific time)