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Origami Yoda

Get Dwight’s Shirt!

SFs! I got pretty excited about that old BIGGIE SIZE sign that SonicTheHedgefold found! In fact, I was so excited, I turned it into a t-shirt design, uploaded it to teepublic and ordered one for myself!

You can order one, too! Teepublic has a lot of sales and when it’s on sale it’s $14 plus shipping. The shipping is kind of high if you’re just getting one thing, so a single t-shirt costs about $21. You can also order stickers, hoodies and all kinds of other stuff.

You may want to wait and see how the shirt turns out. I should get mine in about a week and of course, I’ll post it here.

I’m not trying to make money with this, I just want you SFs to be able to get a Dwight Shirt. If I do end up making any money from the sales, I will donate it all to a good cause like FeedingAmerica.