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Talk To Tom video and links

Hey SFs! I answered your questions while drawing stuff…

Somehow I missed two question! Very sorry, SF Brooksfoldmaster10 and Bruce110’s brother! Here they are:

Brooksfoldmaster10: Hey Tom, I heard that Foldy wan was originally gonna get a book of his own could you potentially tell us what the plot would be

ANSWER: There WAS going to be a FOLDY WAN book, but it got so big that it split into two: Jabba the Puppett and Princess Labelmaker!

BRUCE 110’s brother: “Are you ever going to make a second Guide to Folding and Doodling, since there’s so many new characters to fold?”

ANSWER: I would LOVE to! There’s a CHANCE that I’ll get to. But right now, just waiting…


Here’s a link to the Video Game Origami Universe that OrigamiMaster53 mentioned in his question: VGOU

And here’s the link to SuperFolderCentral.com! If you’ve never checked it out… you’ll be AMAZED by how much they’ve made over there. Astonishing!