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Origami Yoda

An Update on 25’s SFS from Bruce 110

Howdy SFs!! Sam here. I noticed a lot of you are interested in Bruce 110’s event called “25’s SFS.”

I just got an update from Bruce 110 and here it is:

SuperFolder Bruce110

So first, I got a picture of all of my Jedi models together in a Jedi army!

Second, I realized I had a typo in my post for how to enter 25’s SFS! Whoops! To enter, you just need to submit your character from Marvel or Star Wars, with the submission titled ‘25’s SFS Submit: (The name of your chosen character)’

And third, 25’s SFS has its first member! It’s SuperFolder Stormtrooper_luke! They’re one stooktacular SuperFolder, and they picked a stooktastic character to submit! They picked Ant-Man! I hope this is rhe first of many other Sfs to join the Squad!

Have a great day, and May the Folds be with you!