Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SFs… this one is hard. It’s okay if you don’t get it. But to earn the badge you have to give it a real attempt. Do or do not, there is no not-even-really-trying.

This one is important to me. It was like my merit badge from a certain summer a long time ago at my grandparents house far, far away.

I was watching TV and this commercial came on:

It didn’t make me buy blue jeans… but it DID make me learn to spin a pillow on my finger!

And it was part of my getting really serious about juggling. (And as you may know I ended up becoming a professional juggling and still do all sorts of tricks today.)

This trick is fun because you can do it with pillows, cushions, trays, large books, etc… It is not the same trick as spinning a basketball on your finger. I can spin a pillow on my finger for a LONG time, but can only spin a basketball for a few seconds.

You can learn how to do it just by watching how Dude in commercial does it. But here’s a video of me explaining it in a little more detail if that helps…

So… you need to learn how to spin the pillow long enough for someone to take a picture (that doesn’t show your face*.) Think you can do it? Of course, you can.

*Once again, Halloween masks and helmets come in very handy for this!

Once you get it, submit the photo with the words BADGE 9 and your SF name!

And who knows, you might get a chance to show off your new skill at SFCON2021!