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Origami Yoda

MERIT BADGE 9+ Showcase!!

SFs! Sorry for the delay with this one. Now that Webmaster Sam doesn’t exist, he’s insisting on having his weekends off.

This week’s badge was the toughest of them all… let’s see who was up to the challenge! And we’ll also see some fantastic entries for previous weeks!

If you missed out on any of this, just head to the MERIT BADGE HQ!

EASTER EGG: Take a look at the photos below and you may be able to figure out where this week’s badge came from!

SuperFolder ForceFolder1

I only got two skills… one of em is wearing a Kylo Ren mask, the other is spinning a pillow on my finger.

SuperFolder guillermo

When I did this is was actually surprised it turned 9 or 10 times before it started to fall. My camera was set on timer and took a picture.

SuperFolder SFConnorLeary

SfConnorLeary when I saw the video it said the video was literally posted “1 minute ago” and I was the first person to like it

SuperFolder DarthZackB

The pillow spinning is actually easier than it looks.

SuperFolder Rex_501

I have 2 tricks. This is now one of them. My sisters pillow worked perfect for this.

SuperFolder origamiahsoka123

So I know this is only for the badge but I have another question to ask so plz still put this on Sam Tom where will sfcon be held this year* cause I just might be able to go! Also my record is 10 seconds.


SuperFolder guillermo

Hey folks! I tried catching them 40 but only got three! In fact, the pennies dropped on the floor every 3 seconds so I had to pick them up and try to retake the photo! What a disaster. Anyways, I managed to take this one

SuperFolder guillermo

Hey! So I’m running late but I managed to get this pop updeath star done.

SuperFolder Kit_Foldo_

here ya go…. it spells ret karn!

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

This is for the card stacking badge or badge 7. I got 2 layers.

SuperFolder Astromech

Hi Mr. Tom! I finally got 40 pennies to balance!