Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

MERIT BADGE 10 – The Jedi Master Badge

SFs! It’s the final badge! We’ve come to the end of a journey… or is the beginning?

Or as OY might put it…. The end this is not, hrrrm?

The challenge for Merit Badge 10 is to revisit one of the first 9 challenges and MASTER IT. Or at least get pretty good at it.

For example:

If you stacked cards three-stories high, go back and try for 6!

The penny catch. Say you caught four pennies the first time. This time set yourself a HIGH goal. Say: TWENTY-four pennies!

Or challenge yourself to spin a pillow for 30 seconds… or a full minute!

If you drew a knock-knock joke, go back and redraw it, letter it and color it amazingly.

Turn the haiku into a sonnet. Learn to MAKE a new food. (With parental approval and supervision of course.) Memorize the Aurebesh alphabet, etc…

I don’t want to set specific goals for you, I want you to take your favorite challenge and this time really challenge yourself!

You can only get out of this what you put into it, so don’t make it ALL TOO EASY! Make it MOST IMPRESSIVE.

You’ll have 1 1/2 weeks for this one. The showcase will be Sunday, Aug 22.

When you submit a photo of your Jedi Mastery… make sure you put BADGE 10 and your SF name in the title!!!