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Origami Yoda


SFs!!!! Summer is almost over and it’s time to wrap up the merit badge showcases — BUT you can still earn merit badges anytime you want. Just go to MERIT BADGE HQ and follow the instructions. Your submissions will appear in SuperFolder Stookiness (eventually).

ALSO, if we have missed your badge submission, feel free to repost it and it will also show up in Stookiness.

And now…. let us check in with the SFs who have already taken on these challenges, including challenge 10 which was to go back and MASTER one of the first 9 skills.

These SFs have earned the 10th badge!


(All 10 badges are now available at HQ to print out or download…)

SuperFolder ForceFolder1

Here it is: my comic written in Aurebesh and drawn well. Thank you so much to Mr. Angleberger for setting this up, I’ve really enjoyed it!
PS: here’s the translation for you guys so you don’t need to translate everything:

Panel 1:
Trooper 1: Hey, did you hear about the new T-16s?
Trooper 2: No, what are they like?
Panel 2:
Trooper 1: The pilots don’t like them in battles because they end up in a TIE!!!
Trooper 2: …
Panel 3:
Trooper 2: Security, we have a code 1113, bad dad jokes…

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

This is for badge 10 or the jedi master badge. I didn’t master card stacking but I got pretty good at it, I got 3 layers, before that I only got 2.

SuperFolder guillermo

I wrote a Lyre for Star Wars as a last Badge Challenge. It was weird coming up with these rhymes but I think it turned out just fine, right?

Oh my, Star Wars how could you?
Were it for me believe it I’d just left it,
Right next to Marvel I’d put you,
But I’ll just have to accept it,
The new saga shouldn’t have been presented.

Ahem, quick reminder that the opinions expressed by SFs may not reflect the opinions of Tom, Webmaster Sam, Soapy the Monkey and/or Willy the Walking Waffle.

SuperFolder origamiahsoka123

hers the script if you can not read it,
count dooku ah 1234
genral greivous to the left! cough cough.
count dooku take it back now yall
genral grevous i wanted to say that part
count dooku well i am soooo sorry, ahhhh

SuperFolder DarthZackB

Here’s my Star Wars comic strip in full color.

SuperFolder Rex_501

I caught all 40 pennies!!!!!!!!!

SuperFolder SFConnorLeary

Hi I mastered all the badges some I couldn’t get pictures of but some I did get pictures of.

Badge 1. I wrought Origami Yoda and Dwight in Aurebesh

Badge 2. I came up with a silly walk that you can do with the twist

Badge 3. I made a scene from return of the Jedi with my pop up Sarlacc

Badge 4. I caught 8 pennies when last time I got 3

Badge 5. I tried a banana

Badge 6. My new Haiku is

“Order 66
Made the clones go evil bad
With the empire”

Badge 7. Last time I got 3 stories with 2 cards on story 4. this time I got 4 stories with 2 cards on story 5

Badge 8. I made the same comic but I wrote neater drew clearer and made a better background

Badge 9. I span the pillow for 3 seconds

Badge 10. I mastered all badges and became super folder supreme! YEEEEEEEHAAAAA!

Also the pictures are in order and there is no picture for pillow spinning or haiku

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

This is for badge 3 or the penny catch badge. I caught 38 pennies!!

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

This is for badge 8 or the cartoon badge.

SuperFolder bbartman

Here it is i had 20 caught 12

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

This is for badge 9 or the pillow spinning badge. I’m not amazing at in but it’s kind of easy.

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

This is for the card stacking badge or badge 7. I got 2 layers.

SuperFolder StookySuperGuy

This is my Aurebesh name, “Rekkath Jahas”, written out!

SuperFolder Astromech

My Star Wars name is Drepler Smada

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

Hey Tom and Sam I rewrote the Merit Badge on paper this time! Here it is! (I am sorry if it is blurry!)

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ

I hope it isn’t too late to do the badge challenge, but here’s my Star Wars name in Aurebesh.

SuperFolder Stookyman63

What’s up this is Stookyman63 here ,this is my haiku.
Anakin was good
He became power-hungry
Now he’s Darth Vader