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Origami Yoda

Merit Badge 4 – Showcase! Elbow Action and More

SFs! Not many rose to the challenge of the famous Elbow Penny Catch… But those that did have levelled up and earned the merit badge above!!!

If you haven’t tried the elbow penny catch yet, it’s not too late! Check out the post about how to do it and then DO IT! The worst that can happen is that you pick up 40 pennies. (The best that can happen is that you pick up NO pennies!)

Stay Tuned for the next challenge!

SuperFolder SFConnorLeary

I got 3 pennies

SuperFolder wierdgoateyes

I caught three pennies

PS: Congrats to SF WeirdGoatEyes on getting badges 1 and 2 this week as well!

SuperFolder DarthZackB

I never watched “Happy Days,” but I have seen the clip where someone catches 40 pennies. I caught 8 pennies.

SuperFolder origamiahsoka123

I did not have enough pennies so I used quarters and nickels. Ps. I got 15 out of 40!