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SF Merit Badge Challenge #2: Silly Walks

SFs! Welcome to Merit Badge Challenge #2.

This challenge comes with some “Tom Wisdom.” You can skip the “Tom Wisdom.” I always do!

Tom Wisdom: When I was a kid, I read that if you’re feeling down you can make yourself feel a little better by FAKING a smile. Somehow it fools your brain into thinking things are better than they are. IT WORKS! (I also think you can make yourself feel worse by frowning. Don’t try it.)

Anyway… you can take it a step farther by making a SILYL FACE. That REALLY WORKS!

And to take it a LOT OF STEPS farther, you can do a SILLY WALK. I GUARANTEE IT! (Remember that silly faces and silly walks are not always appropriate. For instance, if you’re on trial and the judge asks you a question.)

Any way. I highly recommend learning a SILLY WALK!

Did you skip it? If you did, all you need to know is: LEARN A SILLY WALK.

Here’s a video to get you inspired:

(BTW, not all Monty Python videos are kid-friendly. But this one is!)

Ok, so that was the easy part. Now you have to MAKE UP YOUR OWN!

Once you’ve got it down, you’ll need someone to take a photo of you doing the walk. (A photo, not a video, please.) And make SURE that your face is not visible! Hold a big piece of origami in front of your face or put on a Halloween mask or something!!!

Then SUBMIT IT with the words SILLY WALKS BADGE and your SF NAME in the title. (DO NOT forget your SF name!)

Send it in and then collect your MERIT BADGE and LEVEL UP!