Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Merit Badge 4: Using the Force… with the FONZ!

Okay SFs… this week’s Merit Badge takes us back in time to a show I watched WAY TOO MUCH of in the 70s and 80s… Happy Days! (We didn’t have VCRs back then to rewatch Star Wars, so we watched what was on. and Happy Days was on every weekday.)

Don’t worry, this is just a short clip not a whole episode. The dude in the leather jacket is THE FONZ, a superstar of the 70s!

The clip should make you ask yourself two questions…

First: Why did they spend money to make this and put it on TV?

Second: Can you beat this “kid?”

To earn the badge, you don’t have to beat him, but you DO have to see how many you can get! It is surprisingly like using the Force! (But it also helps to bend your kness just a bit as you bring your elbow down.)

Here’s how to qualify for the badge: submit a photo of your elbow (but not your face) stacked with 40 pennies. And make sure you tell us how many of the 40 you were able to catch!

IMPORTANT!!!! Submit it with the right title or risk Sam missing it! The title should be: Badge 3 Penny Catch + your SF NAME!!!

May the FORCE and the FONZ be with you!